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Brass Dog Games

Dojo Defense

A cooperative worker placement game in which you and your fellow ninjas will fight off wave after wave of pirates and scramble to keep your defenses and each other intact.

Each ninja has unique abilities to fortify your position or cut your enemies down to size.

You will have to survive attacks from several distinct pirate captains and their artillery to be victorious.

Con-goers play Dojo Defense

Quarantine: D.O.A

You and up to 5 others must fight to escape the super secret underground facility of your morally ambiguous employer after the dreaded quarantine alarm has sounded. You have eight rounds to get what you need and escape before the "cleaners" arrive to "take care of you".

Don't let anyone get in your way in this Take That game of twisted survival.

Quarantine: D.O.A. Map

8-Bit Dash

Collect treasure and coins while racing to the finish in this 8-Bit Side Scrolling Deck Builder. Use Move, Jump and Turbo cards to navigate your way through an ever-advancing landscape but don’t get left behind or you’ll get K.O.ed. Can you get the high score?

8-Bit Dash