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Brass Dog Games

Poisoner's Pour

A portable game of bluffing and out-thinking your opponents to get the gold and stay alive. Each round a new Pourer sets out drinks... and only they know where the poison lies.

Poisoner's Pour Information

Each player selects a drink, leaving one for the Pourer. Then everyone drinks! Make it to 10 Gold without dying or be the last one standing to win!

Poisoner's Pour Drink Cards

Add new flavors to your games with the Variant Drink Card expansion. Try to save yourself with the Antidote or cut your opponents down to size with the Moonshine. Add one or two of the nine Variant Drink cards for unique strategic combinations.

Variant Drink Cards

Add a new layer of strategy to the game with the Hustle Deck Expansion. Each player will have their own Hustle: one of 13 unique abilities to give themselves an edge at a critical moment in the game. Distract your opponents, win them over with your charms, or maybe see if that drink passes the 'Sniff Test'. Used at the right time, your Hustle can really save your skin!

Hustle Deck Expansion

By popular demand of our Kickstarter backers, the six player expansion contains everything you need to play Poisoner's Pour with six players.

Six Player Expansion