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Brass Dog Games

About Brass Dog Games

Brass Dog Games is a Tabletop Game company based in St. Paul MN. After our two successful Kickstarter campaigns for Take a Penny and Poisoner's Pour we are continuing to work on fun highly portable games while expanding to larger and more complex projects.

What's with the Brass Dog?

We take our name from our mascot Bundles The Brass Dog. Bundles was constructed by Scott on a Friday afternoon in the musical instrument repair shop he works in when he's not designing tabletop games. The head is made of a trombone bell and his body is part of a saxophone with a tail from a french horn. After a crazy week of repairs Scott needed a creative outlet that involved a hacksaw and fire and thus Bundles was born. A quiet and reflective dog, Bundles spends most of his time watching over the game shelf while acting as a sounding board for new ideas. If it resonates well with him we know we have something.

Bundles, the brass dog

Brass Dog Games is:

  • Scott Mims
  • Abby Mims
  • Aaron Kvarnlov-Leverty

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